About me

Hello! I am Jordan Swanson, a 24 year old vet tech, pitbull mommy, wife, friend, painter, meditator, neat freak, and cook! My hope with this blog is that you learn how to budget, the best ways to clean, my optimal organizational techniques, and more! I have so much information to share!

Mollie and Cerin

My dogs are my whole life. I have two pitbulls named Mollie and Cerin, they’re both Shelter Babies, and both approximately 4 years old. I have always wanted pit bulls my whole life, and I am a huge advocate for them. My babies would never hurt a fly, love wearing jammies, and get zoomies every time we come home! Mollie likes to talk and howl at us when she’s excited 🙂 Cerin loves to run and play, and is SO smart.

My husband and I have been together for 4 years, we met on Ok Cupid and after that first date at Panera, we just knew! He is my best friend, and the best man I know. We take care of each other and work as a team to get through this crazy life together. I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

Thanks for getting to know me! I hope you stick around!

-Jordan <3

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