christmas 2020

What I got for Christmas this year AND what I got my Family!

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christmas 2020

Hello, Hello! Today I will be talking about all the amazing things I got for Christmas, as well as what I got my family and friends!

This Christmas was very different for my family with the Covid Regulations. I live in California so we’re pretty locked down here, and my family lives in the Bay Area where it’s really locked down. Usually my Christmas schedule goes as followed: I leave my home on Christmas Eve and drive down to my step-moms house, where we get coco and watch as many Christmas movies as we can before bed! Then in the morning my little sister and I do stockings, Santa gifts, and all the other gifts! Then we get Starbucks and bake cinnamon rolls!

Later in the afternoon I go to my grandparent’s/dad’s house and we do gifts and order in from this really good Mexican Restaurant. Since meeting my Husband, I always stop by my in-laws house (My Husband is a Paramedic and always works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) and exchange gifts with them. Then I usually stop by my house to drop off the gifts, finally go to my mom’s house and have dinner and open gifts with her and my brother.

This year was different…

This year on Christmas Eve I drove down to the Bay Area and had a social distanced Brunch with my step mom and little sister, where I opened the gifts from them, and they opened mine to them.

After that, I drove by my grandparents/dads house and picked up their gifts, and they opened theirs, then drove to my in- laws to pick up and drop off their gifts! Then I actually worked Christmas Day so in the morning my husband and I exchanged gifts and opened those from family. After this, I went to my moms house to exchange gifts with her and my brother before going to my shift at work!

This was the first year my Husband and I actually got to see each other on Christmas an open gifts together so that was really nice.

So here are some of the things I got!

My dad got me a compact deep fryer and Sam the Cooking Guy‘s newest Cookbook! If you love to cook and haven’t seen any of his YouTube videos you should check him out! As a forewarning his recipes are not healthy-hence the deep fryer! This specific cookbook is intended to give you leftovers, and has recipes for how to utilize the leftovers in a new way!

I also got this BEAUTIFUL dinnerware set! My dishes are Black, but they are currently sold out of that color, so the linked set is red. I’m very excited to have an “adult” set of dishes, previously we just had hand-me-downs so I’m super excited! And we got two sets so now we have plenty for when we have guests.

I also received my first Circut! I’m super excited about this gift because now I can sell stickers on my site so stay tuned for some cool new products! I’ve tested it out on some extra cardstock I had leftover from our wedding announcements and it so fun!

My husband really beefed up my Spiritual Supplies this Christmas! He got me this really neat Rune Kit, which I have no experience with, but he is very interested in and I can’t wait to learn! As well as a Positive Mantra Deck for me to use daily, which also comes with a book to help explain the purpose of each mantra. And a beautiful bracelet made with Tiger’s Eye, which is extremely beneficial for anxiety!

Some great Cast Iron Cookbooks! If you don’t own any Cast Iron products I highly recommend them. They require some work to keep nice, but as long as you stay on top of it they last forever! They have tons of different sized pans, bakeware, and more! I’m so excited to try these recipes! I’ve wanted the Cast Iron Nation Cookbook for years.

My in-laws got us these beautiful salt and pepper shakers, as well as a 6 qt. Dutch Oven! I think the first thing I’m going to try to make will be short ribs!

What do you like to cook in your Dutch Oven? Comment below!

This gorgeous suede coat! I’ve wanted a coat like this for years but they’re expensive- now that I have one I totally get why! I will definitely be taking this to a dry cleaners when it’s needed to make sure it stays nice.

I’m sure I’m not the only lady whos been struggling not being able to go to the salon! My brother got me this awesome wax kit that comes with everything you need and TONS of wax beads that will last a super long time. I can’t wait to give my eyebrows some love!

I got these super cozy slippers! My old slippers were UGG moccasins and they had definitely seen better days. I plan on keeping these ones as house shoes, and using my UGG ones for going out.

I received this amazing set of acrylic paints- I haven’t really mentioned this on here, but I love to paint, but supplies are expensive, so I’m super excited to have some nicer paints to use.

Now onto what I got my family and friends!

Most of my gifts are from Etsy, as I do every year. I really try to support small businesses, ESPECIALLY with Covid being so hard on them. I always recommend checking out Etsy for a gift before Amazon or Walmart (but I do have a few from other sites including Amazon 🙂 )
So this one isn’t from Etsy, but I ordered it directly from the site. A Tenikle! It may look a little weird but it is a flexible phone mount with incredible suction. My mom loves to cook and I know how annoying it can be to have your phone on the counter while you cook, and keep picking it up and moving it around with messy hands- once I explained how to use it my mom was so excited! She used it later that night while she cooked dinner and said it was super helpful! Some other ways she could use it include in the car for the gps, she could stick it to a mirror or wall while she does her hair and makeup if following a tutorial! Bunches of ways to use it! I have code for them below which will give you 10% off of your purchase!
I got my grandpa one of these great signs! The garage is his space and so the sign I got him said “Papa’s Garage”. It is extremely well made and he loves it!
My step mom loves her hoodies! This sweater comes in multiple colors (I got her Navy, because that’s her favorite color!), and was surprisingly thick. A very good quality hoodie.
I got this beautiful locket for my grandma, which has a J initial coin on the chain as well (my sister and I both have J names so I only put one). I loved this necklace the second I saw it.
I got my best friend these gorgeous earrings. Everything this shop sells is absolutely beautiful (I sent me husband their link for future gift ideas!)
For my husband I made him a custom travel mug with photos from our wedding and photos of our dogs! This was my first time purchasing from PrinterPix, I usually buy from Shutterfly, but I decided to compare cost, and the Printerpix mug was $30 cheaper!!! And the travel mug came within a week, and is great quality. I highly recommend this company!

I purchased my husband another mug for home from Etsy but I cannot seem to find it anymore. It is a plain black mug that says “My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my guns for what I told her they cost”, and he loves it!

For my brother I purchased this really neat 3D visual light! He is in school to become a pilot and loves planes- once he opened it we set it up on his desk and it looks really great.

And finally, I got my dad a new gaming chair! I purchased one of these chairs for myself last year because I play video games with him and my sister, and the chair I was using had 0 back support- this one was great! This chair has a built in lumbar support. My dad was in dire need of an upgrade (he was using a wooden rocking chair which was extremely uncomfortable) and I got a great deal! I had a coupon and bought it on Black Friday! I totally recommend this chair to gift anyone who plays video games and doesn’t have one.

How was your Christmas?

I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season this year! If you decide to try any of these products drop a comment below and let me know what you think.

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