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Two GENIUS cleaning products that seriously stepped up my cleaning game!

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genius cleaning products

Today I will be talking about the two most magical cleaning products I have come across in my 24 years of life. I obviously use other products than these two in my cleaning arsenal, but these are my two must haves! Cleaning my home is actually relaxing for me. I have an entire cleaning system were I spend 5 or so hours on a single day making everything spotless, then I portion out 2 hours a day to keep that cleanliness up to my standards 😉

Cleaning the kitchen is something I do daily, but we have white cabinets, and that ugly tile countertop that every crumb in the world gets stuck in. We live in a rental so we can’t change anything, but I’ve tried quite a few cleaning products to keep the kitchen neat and tidy.


Oh. My. God. You guys this product is MAGICCCCCC! I had been wanting to buy this because I’ve seen it bring up a lot of bustle on the internet, but I’m a cheapo. That is, until I got into a deep clean frenzy one day and decided to give it a chance.

I wish I had taken before an after photos so I could show you the true magic of it.

When we first moved into our house there was a gunky spot on our kitchen floor that I could never get off. I mopped over it countless times, tried scraping it off, scrubbed it with a sponge on my hands and knees, and nothing worked. Then here comes the powerwash to the rescue! I sprayed some over the area, let it sit for a few minutes before using a little elbow grease and a rag to scrub it off, and it was gone!

We also have a built in microwave above our stove, which is constantly covered in left over oil splatter. It was clear nobody had cleaned the outside of it, probably since it got put in. There was years of build up on the outside, I sprayed some of this bad boy, let it sit, and Ta-Da! Gone. I used this to clean my white cabinets, and the walls that have had years of splatter stained from previous tenants. 100% worth the $ if you’re a neat freak like me. It was the most satisfying thing ever being able to clean things that have been gross for so long. I was literally running around my house all giddy trying to find more difficult things to clean to test the power of this product. I recommend getting a pack with the refill bottles because you’re going to go through it running around cleaning! Trust me!

And the second product…

Barkeepers Friend for your pots and pans!

For Christmas last year I got a set of nonstick pans, and over time they have gotten stuff burned onto them. I couldn’t get it off as hard as I tried. I was really upset my new pans looked so gross after less than a year of use! My husband and I love Binging with Babish on YouTube, and in one of his BASICS videos he talks about how to properly clean your kitchen cookware. He recommended Barkeepers Friend for pans. So, I went out and bought some. You guys! My pans look brand new!!!

I have also used it to clean our baking sheets (which were hand me downs so they already had some wear and tear), and they look pretty good! Now I couldn’t get the pans back to a brand new shine, but they did pretty well! I think if I worked on it for a little longer, and maybe used some steel wool it would’ve worked better. The one I linked actually comes with a pack of scrubber sponges which I think is great because it definitely helps to have something rougher than a normal sponge.

I hope you give these products a shot! I totally think they’re worth the money and will forever been in my cleaning arsenal from here on out!

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