spiritual morning routine

The Beginners Guide to a Spiritual Morning Routine

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spiritual morning routine

The year of 2020 has been crazy for all of us. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have changed a lot since March. I’m definitely more of a homebody now, I’ve probably watched more Tik Toks and finished more TV series in these last 10 months than I have in any length of time. I have definitely felt out of wack, stressed, and depressed- losing a job, spending 99% of my time sitting at home alone, can’t really do any fun activities …

In the past I have dabbled in yoga, then there was the one time when I was like 10 that my grandma took me to a meditation class and the whole thing went over my head. I started slowly looking more and more into manifestation, meditation, crystals, and really became interested in it. The first books I purchased were Chakra Healing for Beginners, and Ignite your Light. Both books really lay out how everything is connected, how your energy effects you and others, and explains how to raise your vibrations.

Then I wanted to learn more and more about Spirituality.

I also started reading Crystals for Beginners, this was a great beginner-friendly book as well if you’re looking to learn more of the basics of crystals. Then I downloaded the HEADSPACE app and I can’t say enough good things about this app and meditation itself. The app is very straight forward, they have little cartoons that play 3-5 minute long videos to help explain different portions of mediation. They have TONS of meditation courses for specific things, such as stress, anger, before bed. It costs $13 a month and I use it every day so to me its a very good price for what I get from it, it is the main key to my spiritual morning routine.

If you ask any of the women in my family, I have tried to get them all to download the app, and have tried to get my husband involved as well because meditation has truly changed my life.

I am an EXTREMELY high stress person, so having a spiritual morning routine helps me immensely. Since I started meditating I feel so at peace afterwards and ready to start my day. My husband can tell if I did my mediation or not based on my attitude the rest of the day. I am much more able to stay calm, I feel less tense throughout the day, and have a better outlook.

Beginner books I recommend (all of them are on sale currently!) :

So time to get to my current spiritual morning routine!

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is drink some water to get my body going. Then I will make the bed and wash my face- these two things make me feel refreshed and awake. Making your bed in the morning is also a great thing to start doing because it sets you up to have already accomplished something in your day! Then I will come into my office/meditation space and light some incense. The incense really helps me get into a good headspace (not the app 😉 ) before meditating. This also allows me to see what type of energies I am giving off in the room at that time (I can write more about incense smoke if you guys are interested!).

Then I will do some quick stretches, nothing fancy, just because I sleep like a crazy person so my body is always a little sore in the beginning of the day. Once I have done this I will start my HEADSPACE meditation. They have a really great “beginners course” that I started when I first downloaded the app. Since moving on from that section, I sort of do just what I’m feeling in that moment.

If I have a stressful day ahead I will do a stress related one, a few weeks ago I was having a morning where I woke up late for work, didn’t get to meditate, and I was getting so angry and frustrated at nothing really. Another benefit is I feel I am much more in tune with my emotions in this way, and am able to observe them without giving them all my attention. So I stopped what I was doing, took a 10 minute break, did an anger-specific meditation, and I literally felt completely different.

Truly changed my life.

Usually I will do a 10 minute meditation practice- the beginner courses can range from 5-20 minutes (you choose), and most other courses are 10-30 minutes. After I meditate I will say my affirmations (you can see them written down above my little shelf there). I use affirmations to help me in every aspect of my life. I will say some that thank the Universe for the abundance it provides, some that help me with my self confidence, some that help me feel more secure in my abilities. After that I will journal for 5-10 minutes. I write at least three things I am grateful for that day, then I go onto my manifestation journaling.

Once I have finished journaling I will read a chapter of these two books.

The Daily Mindfulness book is basically little quotes that help me each day to have a different outlook. The Magic of Manifesting is my favorite book right now, I have gotten two people to buy it and will be loaning it to my husband once I have finished. I have this book all highlighted with little notes in the sides of the pages. I love this book. It truly lays out everything about the spiritual journey in such an understandable way, but also splits each learning into each chapter, which I feel makes it a lot easier to understand and comprehend, especially if you’re reading 1 chapter a day like me.

Once I have finished all of these things is when I start my day officially! I use this first hour or so as “me time” – I have only been practicing this spiritual morning routine for about 2 months now but it has enriched my life more than I can even explain. I am a different person than I was previously and it’s all thanks to these practices. Tik Tok is actually a really great resource to check out for spiritual learning, and its a loving and safe community. If you are someone who is interested in starting their spiritual journey, feel free to reach out to me! I plan on writing more about this in the future.

<3 Jordan

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